Soul Midwifery – Offering love and support for those facing the possibility of end of life, in palliative care and their families. The term midwife refers to the concept of your soul being reborn and is underpinned by the belief that your spirit lives on after you pass, and so death is seen as a transition, a final journey earth side, a new beginning.  Dying can often be a very lonely and sometimes frightening experience, the taboo of something so definite is shocking and something the soul midwife movement is passionate about changing. We know that by simply ‘being’ with a patient, during their suffering, it can help to alleviate their suffering and their loneliness’. We are here to hold you. Please get in touch if you wish to enquire further.

All my treatments come with the option of soothing music and incense to bring you a deeper level of relaxation on every level. It is my belief that with each sense stimulated it brings a higher level of healing opportunity within the body.