Zone Face Lift – This is the famous Berman technique as seen in some of the top beauty magazines this year (Beauty award 2018) Hailed the spiritual facelift – the natural alternative to Botox. Using native American crystal infused elixir, sage, crystal tools and hot towels to lift the facial muscles and lift your spirit! This is a must for those who wish to look ten years younger. See results here.  But most importantly feel happier and more joyful from the inside out. For ‘’ten years younger’ results this treatment should be a course of 12 weekly treatments but one-off sessions as a luxury facial can still be enjoyed. Effective results for many aliments including those effected with bell’s palsy. 


✨ Zone therapy face lift-  £75 per session but currently discounted to £55 a session. For approximately 70 minutes.
Here are the fantastic results from my 12 week Zone  natural face lift program (The Bergman Method). More…
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Created by Ziggie Bergman, this facial massage treatment is pioneered to help you age well naturally and lift the face and spirit at the same time. Using techniques from Japanese facelift massage and facial reflexology and incorporating beautiful crystals and tools such as the GuaSha and native American healing herbs to really access and treat a client holistically. This very special treatment is renowned for removing 10 years of ageing over a twelve-week programme giving you a healthy and natural alternative to Botox and fillers.

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  • Naturally stimulates the elastin and the collagen on your face and around your neck to tighten, smooth, plump and sculpt the face, neckline.

  • improves complexion, leaving your skin glowing!

  • Helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

  • Improved muscle tone in the face

  • can help make you look and feel more youthful

  • anti-aging

  • can help release emotions

  • elevated mood

  • relaxing

All my treatments come with the option of soothing music and incense to bring you a deeper level of relaxation on every level. It is my belief that with each sense stimulated it brings a higher level of healing opportunity within the body.