Facial Reflexology west sussexFacial Reflexology – Using the same principles as foot reflexology but on the face. This is a deeply relaxing treatment’s which access the cranial and nervous systems faster. Using gentle pressure and aura cleansing techniques, this makes for a highly soothing and effective treatment on all levels of the mind, body and spirit. This therapy has the bonus of finishing the session with a more radiant and firmer complexion!

✨Facial Reflexology- £40 for approx 45 minutes.

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Facial reflexology works along the same principles as foot reflexology; working with the zones/meridian/energy channels on the face to access the circulatory and nervous systems throughout the body and to stimulate the body’s natural energy flow. By applying pressure and stimulating certain reflex points on the face this therapy can be effective in helping many ailments within the body such as organ dysfunction, circulation issues, sinusitis and much more.

While the root of this therapy relies on the ancient principles of traditional reflexology, facial reflexology has been modernised to focus on more visible effects such as lifting of the facial muscles to give a lifted more youthful appearance of the skin. Please see ‘Zone therapy face lift ‘ and ‘The natural lift facial massage’ below for more information.

Here are some of the many benefits Facial reflexology can offer you …

  • reduces stress and anxiety

  • treats headaches and sinus issues

  • can help sleeping problems

  • activated energy flow

  • promotes blood circulation

  • strengthens the bond between facial skin and muscles

  • releases muscular tension within the facial muscles

  • relaxation

  • improved injury healing

  • improved general health and wellbeing

All my treatments come with the option of soothing music and incense to bring you a deeper level of relaxation on every level. It is my belief that with each sense stimulated it brings a higher level of healing opportunity within the body.