My Friend, My Once Stranger.

It takes a while for you to trust me,

I’m just a stranger after all.

It takes a while for you to realise,

I’m not here to let you fall.

I’ll take your worries, fears and woes,

I’ll take them off your fragile shoulders

And place them on mine.

I’ll tell you not to worry, let talk it through, let’s sort it out, put it to one side.

It takes a while for you to hear me,

I’m just a stranger after all.

But soon enough you realise and you hear how my heart beats all along.

we hold hands without realising and it doesn’t feel strange.

I warm your fingers up and tuck them under your bedcovers.

You tell me your worries and I take them and hold them for you.

You tell me your secrets and I take them too.

You tell me your dreams and your wishes and i hold them close.

I’m no longer a stranger to you.

I’m your friend. Your carer . Your companion . Your breakfast maker, tea pourer and sometimes nag. I’m just whatever you need me to be.

We are friends now you and I.

We had a recent moment of eyes squared , hands on hearts and words of trust.

I’m here for you I say. You’re the boss. My service is yours. Us. You.

Hand on your heart you tell me I can trust you too and thank you for all you do you say.

So, stranger, friend and soul.

On we go entwined, the middle of my life, the end of yours.

Love and trust and cheek and laughter. I salute you my friend, my once stranger.

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The Sacred Privilege of a Soul Midwife

The privilege of a Soul Midwife/ End of life companion/ friend …

It’s a privilege to know you.

To know you as you are right now.

You are old and all your stories are ingrained in your soul.

You don’t speak of them, not much.

But your eyes look back at me etched with a life well lived.

You’ve known great happiness and great sorrow in equal measures.

I don’t ask of you much.

I sit by your side and chatter to you about the outside world.

What you once felt like you belonged to.

You don’t feel like going outside now.

The world as you once knew it has shrunken.

Once the world felt small but now your living room feels too big.

I sit by your side and make you laugh.

The joy tinkles out and you remember what it felt like to be happy. And remembered.

I love making you laugh.

My heart fills with love and determination to hear that sound once more.

I sit by your side and hand you tissues and run your back while you feel poorly.

I tell you it’s okay, I won’t leave you.

I put you to bed and reassure you that you are safe.

I tuck you in and tip toe away.

Sometimes I buzz around the kitchen and make you soup.

Sometimes I get the hoover out. Sometimes all you want is coffee! Sometimes it’s just peace you crave.

And I love you.

This old stranger I’ve come to call my friend.

I help you in your most vulnerable ways, I laugh when you laugh, I feel your pain when you are sad.

And when the time comes to let you go, I will follow your wishes through to the end. I’ll be your voice when you can’t speak.

I’ll hold your hand when you are scared.

I’ll wrap this love that has grown between us, I’ll wrap it all around you and when you start your final journey, you’ll take a piece of my heart to guide you home.

A privilege it has been to love you. A meeting of two souls living only in the now you found yourself alone in. The sacred passage at end of life.

My service.

I bow 🙇🏼‍♀️

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The Seasons of your Self

We often hear about honouring the changing seasons and what each has to bring, not only to the physical world but also what they can support within ourselves too.

For example;

Spring – a season for beginnings, for fresh starts, for new ideas, motivation, awakening and promise.

Summer – a season for carrying on through what was begun in the spring cycle and going full steam ahead. Planning and working hard, a time of optimism and joy. Work hard , play hard.

Autumn – a season of slowing down, of reaping the fruits of our work from the summer. Gathering and reflecting. The harvest of our efforts. A time to celebrate and appreciate, to start the process of tying up loose ends, hunkering down ready for winter. Letting go, like the leaves of the autumn trees.

Winter – a season of hibernation, restoring , reflecting. Eating well, keeping warm, sleeping longer. Living a slower pace of life. Storing up strength, recharging. Ready for the growth of spring to come …

We can learn so much from nature, after all, we ARE nature. And by living in tune with it, we are living a holistic and authentic life, reaping the benefits each season has to offer.

One thing we don’t always speak about is living these seasons to our own authentic beat; I entered my winter phase as the summer drew towards the autumn. Because I felt so out of sync, I was concerned with my sudden and almost quite abrupt parting of my ways. I turned away from things that I usually felt drawn to. Luckily, I am in tune enough to know when to honour myself and to deeply listen to what my self is needing.

I went full flow in to winter, hobbies were packed up and stored away, I turned away from social media , I felt no inspiration to write , to share photos, thoughts or anything. All I wanted to do was shut off and to do nothing but hunker down and live in my winter moments.

I have relished concentrating myself in motherhood, in walks with lily , in sorting out clutter from my home, spending more time with family, working quietly and confidently and just focusing on the wintered “Now”.

Sometimes when in these phases one can wonder if something is amiss but I know myself quite well and I know the pattern. It takes me by surprise but its clear to me now I live my own seasons of my self, within the seasons of nature herself.

It was sometime yesterday that a familiar and welcome feeling came in my solar plexus area. Almost like a little tweet of bird song. A sign of my Spring. A little urge to write, to share, to reach out.

Do you honour your seasons?

I think by being aware of the seasons of your self – it’s an important tool in managing your health and wellbeing.

Sending love and restorative wishes to all.

Sophie xxx

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The fete, shining your light and conversations on death.

I had my first stall at the much loved Lodsworth fete last Sunday.

The fete being a childhood memory for me having lived here 30 years ago.

To mark the occasion all my family descended upon Lodsworth and I am told they all had a wonderful time. Who would have known back when we were children that one of us would end up back right where our Sussex Journey started.

It’s a joy for me to bring up my son here and it was a wonderful joy for my brothers and my parents to have all their children/ grandchildren together in this special village.

I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to passers by who wandered over to see what I was all about. It was also a real pleasure seeing familiar faces whom I’ve not seen for a good long while so thank you for coming to say hi 👋🏼💗

One of the main things I have been touched with was a few ladies who came to my stall told me very quietly they too were reiki masters or healers of some kind… but had kept very hush about it. I was told by one how inspiring it was that I was so spiritually open about it. Good on me she said…

This shocked me a little for two reasons . 1 – I don’t consider myself to be be overly spiritual… I am just living my best life quite simply being me.

And 2, that people are feeling like they can’t or shouldn’t live their authentic life freely and proudly for all to see.

So if you are one of those people who judge someone for having different views, for acting weirdly and wonderfully ‘spiritual ‘ (however they conceive that to be) then please don’t. The world needs more of us.

And to those who worry what people may think or who yearn to take their shoes off and walk beautifully barefooted down the lane to go hug a tree then please, embrace it. Embrace you.

The world needs more light and your light will light up not only your heart and soul but those around you.

Go shine 🙏🏻✨😊💗

As well as having all my business details out on my table I also sell these glorious holistic reusable water bottles filled with crystals ✨ They really are gorgeous!

Did I sell any at this fete?


Did anyone take my holistic therapies price-list?

Yes, a few.

Am I disappointed?

Absolutely not one bit!!

What I am most happy about is the amount of people stopping by to talk to me about Soul Midwifery and the whole deaths and dying chat thing I keep mentioning.

I had a few books on my table along with my Grave Talk conversation cards.

These got the most attention and so yes, people want to talk about it… but many are just not sure how to start. And that’s my feeling on why these cards were drawing so many people; because there in this small box is many many conversation starters that we all need and want to have.

So all in all, a good positive day 🙏🏻✨😊

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Love and Support

I wrote this for a fellow Soul Midwife and new friend who came to see me yesterday (we had never met before!) after I messaged her and asked for some guidance.

She came barring flowers and the most gorgeous positive energy.

Thank you thank you thank you 💗🙏🏻✨

Sometimes it is very worth being brave and reaching out. Not all reaching out brings you your desired support and sometimes it can feel like doors keep closing in your face , but sometimes, just sometimes – someone shows up.

Keep feeling your way, one tentative step or one bold step at a time. There is no right or wrong way to move forward, as long as you facing ahead that’s all that matters!

The universe will answer you when your intentions are clear.

Namaste Souls!

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Easter 🐣 ‘19

A Perfect end to the Easter Holidays.

Instead of going away for a adventure we decided to stay put and enjoy being at home and out and about.

Today, we set off for a two hour + adventure to Bembo pond.

It was delightful.

An abundance of Dandelion, Bluebells, fresh new baby leaves on the trees… yellow Rapeseed fields. And perfect company.

Thank you thank you thank you 💗.

Namaste Souls 😍

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Dear Human

Dear Human, I understand your tears for Notre Dame, we humans are funny little sentimental beings at the best of times.

Dear Human, If you shed a tear or your heart broke a little, I understand. Many of us have a unwavering bond with the material world.

I’m not here to tell you that’s wrong. We are all so very different as we should be.

So, seeing it crumble and vanish before our very eyes can hurt.

Dear Human, You are allowed to grieve but I implore you to bring yourself back into the world with open eyes. The building, no matter how magnificent and how much history is still just a building. Sorry.

Dear Human, Why is it so important to replace it back to former glory? Isn’t the ruin part of its magnificent history?

For me, I am not a materialistic person. I can sympathise to an extent because I get it. I get the feeling of loss of a symbolic building.

BUT I find it very hard to feel much sympathy for very long because in these current times we are facing very challenging times.

Dear Human, A new way of living, creating and surviving is being born.

We are finding our voices and making a stand to get the powers to listen.

We are making it a priority to make our very own living cathedral, Mother Earth herself, a safe and flourishing world for our children and our children’s children.

Dear Human, It really is our children’s world.

I cannot make that clear enough.

Dear Human, If you can’t differentiate between the burning down of a building and the crumbling of our own world, our ecosystems, the climate and all the gloriously wonderful natural wonders of this world then I beg you to take a moment to pull yourself together 🤷🏼‍♀️.

Dear Human,

The tides our changing.

Be the change the world needs.

Do it for our precious children.

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